Quantum Science and Spiritual Reality

Quantum Science has shown us that there is NO separation between us and everything else…

In fact our entire language is wrong and guides us in the wrong direction of life.

Until recently we were taught that everything is separate and distant but this is not the truth of life or the universe.   The more we discover about the reality of reality the more we discover how incorrectly we have been led to believe and how this belief has limited us in what we are capable of in every way.

One of the main pieces of disinformation we have been taught is to think that everything in life is away from us or separate from us… everything is “out there”, where ever “out there” is…

What if you understood that there is no “out there”, that everything is HERE and Now.. See yourself as one with the universe you are standing in, like standing in the middle of a pond of water, only this pool is filled with energy that not only surrounds you but literally permeates you, and is YOU.

Look around you and realize that time, distance and separation is an illusion, and you can choose to believe the illusion or you can begin to realize the truth .  You can realize that nothing is away from you… that everything is HERE with you and you are inextricably part of it, and one with it.

In the old ways you were taught that what ever you want is far away from you or removed from you or existing somewhere else, that time, space and distance are real and you must contend with them… This is a lie we all were taught and this lie strips you of your personal power because it puts your life in a far away place and you are always having to use your power to catch up to it.

Close your eyes and tell me how far away your life is???

What if you understood that nothing is away from you… that the word and the idea of being away from you is a lie… that everything you want, everything you can desire and imagine is right here with you, right now.

Feel the power of this statement…

In the old ways everything you want to have , to do, or to experience you have to work to get or travel to get or figure out how to get it… its called slavery of the mind.

What if you understood that everything you want is right here with you, not away from you or in any way removed from you and there is nowhere you need to go to get it or have it or do it…

I realize this may be a new concept and teaching for you and it may sound a bit fantastic but the truth is this is an ancient concept and teaching and it was actually taught by the great masters including Jesus who taught the people these same principles and then demonstrated this truth for them in several ways.

You are not created by what surrounds you but rather you create what surrounds you.

Until recently these concepts were considered to be “spiritual” however Quantum physics is proving these concepts to be the actual working parameters of the entire universe and including all of humanity which is (we are) part of the universe.

The western societies have been taught under the umbrella of the Church which has proven itself to have its own history and agenda, and while it does teach some of the truths of Jesus it is the highly “edited” version that was crafted and created in the year 325 AD at the First Council of Nicaea…

In that time it is now known more then 50 books were removed from the original texts that were part of the early teachings, the remaining books were highly edited to incorporate only the specific knowledge the church wanted the people to have, and this edited version still exists as the Bible.

We know this happened because in 1945 near Egypt manuscripts, scrolls and texts were discovered in a cave.   Altogether more then 45 books have been recovered and translated from their original language (mostly Aramaic) and the story they tell is very, very different then what is written in the present Bible.

Add to this discovery thousands of documents (scrolls) discovered and unearthed near the Dead Sea in the year 1947 to the present day (The Dead Sea Scrolls).

For many centuries the teaching of life that everyone should have had access to have been hidden away from the tyrants who would have destroyed them in favor of their own agenda. To learn of these teachings it would have been necessary to travel to the highest mountains in Tibet, Lhasa, China,   Nepal, India and other places of the monastery’s.. You would have had to prove your intent and honor to gain access to these ancient teachings., and then spent a good portion of you rlife learning and practicing.

Today something wonderful has happened both in the Spiritual realms and here in the Earth realms…   because of the interest generated by Quantum science there has been a global search for the ancient texts and teachings to prove if this knowledge is actually real and can be used by every person.

And the answer is YES , the teachings are real, they are quantum in their nature and can be applied to every living person on the planet.

In truth we are only at the beginning of our discovery of these ancient teachings and what it means to humanity once again. Some would say we are at the door of a new Golden Age, and this may indeed be the case. If so, it would explain the advent of the evil we see arising in the world, this is the balance, the chaos that comes with every major change in the life and evolution of humanity.

Additionally, all of this was predicted long ago by the old Prophets.   If they are correct we will not only see the rise of new technology and concepts that will free humanity from its slavery status but we will also see a major cleansing take place on the planet, it is the separating of the Wheat from the Chaff.   its coming, you can see it, feel it and intuitively know it.

What is important here is not what will come to humanity to correct this old paradigm but instead what we as living people must do, or least learn to do again to live a better and fuller life of our own choosing and making.

The ancient knowledge and the new Quantum science is paving the way for us by showing us the true nature of the universe and ourselves.  Once we relearn our path and method of living the old ways will drop away, they will no longer serve us and have no place in our world.

In this video you can see some evidence of how Consciousness creates our reality.

Obviously there are many videos that will help you to understand these concepts but what is most important to remember is this: “The Universe is a Spiritual Universe”. We have been told, however incorrectly, the universe is distant, material and unchangeable… all of this is wrong. The Universe is very different then the model we have been previously given and Quantum Science and the oldest teaching on this planet are proving this fact.

Masters like Jesus and including Jesus taught that we can change our reality by simply changing our beliefs about it… When you change your inside perceptions and beliefs you cause the universe around you to change accordingly.

Gautama Buddha taught, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

We have far more power to effect the world around us then we have ever been taught. The new science and ancient texts all verify your ability and personal power to interface completely with the world and the universe according to your thoughts, feelings and desires.

There is another video thatI believe you will gain knowledge about yourself and your personal power.