The Quantum Universe and You

Of all the knowledge you could possess and information you could read the most important would be your studies about the true nature of the universe; what it really is, how it works, and how you fit and work within it.

There are many successful people who have studied this subject and have turned their life around.. What is more interesting is that over the past 25 years or so there have been movies made, books written and scientific studies done which prove beyond any doubt that the universe and you are not fixed in time or space or material. You are not immutable and nothing about what you see or think you know is permanent in the sense that it cannot be quickly and easily changed once you know the truth about the nature of the universe and yourslef.

To know the truth of our life… of our present circumstances, we need to return to the time when the great teacher was on the Earth…

The western]Bible holds much information but there were 45 books that were eliminated from the Bible at the first Council of Nicaea, in the year 325 AD, and these books hold even greater knowledge and information and fortunately for us this information is now being recovered and coming to light after so many years of residing in darkness…

In 1945 13 scrolls were discovered in a cave of near the Dead Sea (the Dead Sea scrolls). Since that time more scrolls have been unearthed and interpreted and are now mostly available to the general public.

Perhaps the most notable of these scrolls is the “Book (gospel) of Thomas”.

New videos that you can view on the internet have been created and relate at least part the message that was written in this and other books.

My point in writing this article is to help people to align with the greater truths in life… truths that were always meant to give you the life you came here to live.

The knowledge that you can do this, that you can live the life of your own choosing, and how to live it. And the principles stated are both Biblical and scientific from the Quantum reality of the universe.

One of the main resources for this uncovered information is the Gospel of Thomas (Thomas was one of the disciples of Jesus) and the Gospel of Thomas is a compilation of 114 phrases spoken by Jesus and recorded by Thomas.

When you read this book and understand its meaning you begin to see that what Quantum physics is discovering about the universe today is nearly identical to what Jesus taught using the language of his time. The principles are almost identical.

The book is very powerful for the people and it tells you how to really manifest your dreams and desires in this life.

I am of the opinion that God does exist but not in the way the church has taught. andnow wth the advent of quantum physics we begin to see and understand that at the base of life as we know it, of the real universe there is no separation, no distance and no time or space that is empty.

The new science refers to the universe as “The Field” and this field has several qualities that are constant throughout it. Perhaps the most remarkable things about the field is what it actually is and is composed of and how it works and how we can use it and we should use it.

The church taught us separation, but this is not the truth of life. In so many ways we are like cells in the living body of God, each of us having our own expression and personality but none of us being separate from the whole.

Each of us have the same ability’s and gifts to live our life fully but we have not been taught this. We have been taught that we must struggle and work hard and scrap for our daily bread and the things we want in our life… This too is a lie. Think of this, who benefits from this lie?

What if you know that you can have whatever you want free from the people and teachings that have kept you in the power and control of other people… believe it or not this is exactly what has been going on throughout your life and mine.

Jesus did not teach slavery or being locked into a matrix you have no power or control over… just the opposite, and then he demonstrated his information in so many ways…

It is not fiction or story that he healed the sick raised the dead, walked on the water, turned water in to fine wine and several other acts. and the real message he gave the people and taught to them was this: (His words) “All these things I do so shall you, and even greater things then this will you do.”

He told the people they could do all he had done and even more…

Did he lie?   I think not… but we know now from the discovery’s of these books that the information he gave to the people was removed or hidden from them, and because of this none of this, none of what he said would be possible.

One of the verses in the Gospel of Thomas tells us that “we must fast from the world in order to gain the knowledge that was given to us.”

To Fast from a thing means to leave it behind for a while. To turn away from a certain thing nd in this case it means to turn away from the things you were taught about this world.   We are being asked to learn anew.. to leave the old knowledge behind for a while. To turn away from the opinions and false teachings we have been given in our life.

When we do this, we begin to learn our own true nature and ability.

I believe we are more powerful and far more capable then anything we were ever taught.   We were taught that the only resources are those immediately around us… the materials of the Earth, the products of industry, the governments and the churches, that you are an individual and separate from the universe around you, that God is far away or is some person who resides in a distance dimension who is both loving a fearful. All these things we were taught to have authority over us, but none if it is the truth.

We were taught that everything is solid and immovable and cannot change except by force, yet this concept goes directly against the teachings of Jesus and the masters who have taught us that all things are mutable and that you indeed do have all power over them if you only know how. Additionally now we have science telling what the old masters have been telling us for thousands of years…that there is NO separation, that all things are mutable and that you do in fact have complete control over your life and the material universe.. and that everything in your life that you have or do not have is a direct result of your thinking, feelings and actions.   You did not arrive herein this place, at this moment under your present circumstances by any accident… you are not a victim of circumstance but your life is a result of you… and if you would change it or any part of it you must do two things: You must accept complete responsibility for your life and you must know that you do have complete control over your life and everything about it, and everything in it.   the 2nd step is that you must begin to leave the old inhibiting information and concepts you have behind and learn the new and empowering knowledge that is here for you and it has been here for you, however hidden, for thousands of years.

This is what this article was written to tell you.

In the words of Jesus, “Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.”   The truth exists all around you and within you , the Kingdom of God is spread across the Earth and throughout the universe but men do not see it… it is inside you and outside you.

When I was a small child I read that Jesus said in the course of humanity’s existence on this Earth there would be 3 forms of religion. The first form was the belief in Idols and material things, the various gods and such. This form of religion would be replaced by the 2nd which is religion by ecumenical councils (the churches) in which man is being told what to believe, when to believe and how to believe… (This is the present form of religion) and the one he disliked most because it did not allow truth or freedom but was in fact restricting by its nature and demand for dogmatic beliefs. (Dogma is belief without proof). But this form of religion would be replaced by the 3rd and final form in which man will seek God for himself, as himself and he will find him.

I believe humanity is now on the very edge of discovering the 3rd and final form of religion… The original teachings of Jesus and other masters plus the new emerging science of Quantum physics is propelling humanity to look again at what is real about himself and to turn away from the things that enslave him and rob him of his true self and power.

It is written that in time this Earth will pass away. I believe that it will pass away when Man has learned the truth of himself and no longer needs this theatre to experience the lessons of his true Being.