Art by Devaron (my son)

We are all born with talents of some kind…  to sing, to dance, to play a musical instrument etc…

My son has a wonderful talent… He is a fine and accomplished artist.   Many times I come to ask him to upgrade or to finish art I have, or to help me complete an artistic concept or project I have in mind.    The logo I use on my website is such a project.  I asked him to help me upgrade and recolor it for public display.   I drew the original version when I was very young and colored it with inks but over the years it began to fade and look drab.   Art in hand I took it all to him and asked if he could make it all better…  Of course…  He recolored the original and created other versions of the Logo that I believe makes it have a very real and meaningful message.

I have several drawings of space ships from other alien cultures (other worlds).  I receive requests from people all the time for copies of these ships, my logo and other associated things.  I have been asked what my Home World looks like…. and many things a painting or picture can answer immediately…  a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words…  It is only reasonable that I offer these things to the public for their enjoyment and collection.

If you have followed me on the Website you know I offer information and articles free of charge…  I will continue to offer information freely, that is my gift to you.  The art will have a small cost because in truth it is not mine alone to give.

I Invite you to visit the following websites and view the  “Art by Devaron”  And

Also visit:   Art and Graphic Illustration by Devaron

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the art and other offerings.