Ancient Aliens We Have Always Been With You


I believe humanity is a race that has forgotten its past, as Graham Hancock says it, “Man is a Race with amnesia”  and I could not agree more. 

Humanity has forgotten its roots, and has abandoned its own history and suffers from this in more ways then is possible to realize at this time.   It is in the research I do and the information I receive from several sources that once published can only help to awaken humanity to its own reality and its own destiny.  Once humanity realizes the wonderful truth about itself I believe it will abandon the existing system in favor of one that actually works and is both viable and humane and incorporates a manifest destiny that serves the people and nature.   In the greater cause and overall picture for humanity is the reconnection to the Star people, to the parent race and to the Central race that can bring harmony, prosperity and peace. The Central Race is a race almost unknown to present day humanity but one that was known and revered in the distant past. 

In general the world is full of Alien (ET) evidence.  The ancient people had no trouble associating with ET’s and we should not either.  The only identifiable difference between the ancient people and the modern people is the form of religion (not to be confused with the belief in God).   The ancient religions did not forbid or discount knowledge of alien visitations, in fact the opposite was true, the ancient people accepted ET visitors and knew they were from higher realms above the Earth, from the sky and Heaven beyond the Earth.   Often the word “angel” appears when speaking about ET visitors, and considering the level of knowledge about aliens and science etc it is very acceptable to think that when a higher (alien) Being was present, or would arrive in their space ships there would be a natural inclination to refer to them as angels (the word itself means:  “A being from the Heaven world” it also can mean, “A Being from the Heaven come”).   If you will look at some of the art of the past centuries, including art from the great and renowned  (“Masters”) artists you will find “space ships?” (UFO’s) included in many of the  pieces.  This is not a accident or smudge in their artwork, it is a specif inclusion and a statement.   Also, I have included a Tweeter Button here in the event you would like to share this website with friends or other interested people.

This website is dedicated to creating a better understanding about the aliens (ET’s) who are presently visiting the Earth and about those who have visited this planet in the past.   Much of what I will post here you may consider to be opinion although there is much physical proof all around this world to substantiate the statements I make, the facts I point out and the information I am  placing before you.   As much as possible I will use  information including video’s, photographs, audio tracks and text gleaned from public sources.   The mission of this website is to inform and educate.  Take what you want and leave the rest.   The true History of this planet  is not what you have been taught.  The paradigms of the past are very different than modern science has, up to this present time, shown it to be.   Mankind has forgotten much about itself and the former civilizations that existed on this world and on other planets.   WE are not alone and we never were.

It is important for you to remember a few facts about me and the information I will be placing before you:   I understand that some of you do not believe in extraterrestrial life (aliens) and  some of you are actually threatened by the reality that life other then human and certain selected animal life forms found on this planet exists… 

It may be said that some [people] are not ready to see or accept life or the possibility of life outside the parameters you have been selectively given and taught about (that which you call human life and life on Earth only).    None the less life beyond this world (Earth) does exist, is real, is intelligent and has on many occasions visited the Earth, and in fact has lived upon this Earth for centuries.    This statement was true of the past and it is still true about events in the present including alien visitors.    We are not alone here on Earth and we have never been alone.