Ancient Aliens We Have Always Been With You

Ancient Structures

The world has many ancient structures.    The questions about these structures are:  Who built them – When – What is their purpose?

One of the most notable and certainly the most famous ancient structure is the Great Pyramid at Giza (Egypt).    The controversy around this building is based on the modern belief that this Pyramid was built as a tomb for a Pharaoh about 5,000 years ago.   Nothing could be further from the truth then this assumption of facts that have NO basis in reality.    Within the Great Pyramid there is only one single marking that has been used as “Proof” that this building was erected to be used as the tomb for  the Pharaoh Khufu.   There is empirical evidence that the single marking claimed to be that of the builders as identification of  this pyramid is a fake.  Placed there within the Pyramid is one marking and it was known at the time that this marking was forged in 1837,  and the forger was discovered to be “Howard Vyse”.

“‘Quarry Marks’ exist in the relieving chambers above the King’s Chamber, including one mark which is reported to indicate Khufu, the pharaoh under whose reign the Great Pyramid was built.  It is now suggested that these quarry marks were faked by Howard Vyse in 1837.  The reasons give[n] are many, but the main ones are:  These marks appear only in the 4 relieving chambers opened by Vyse and not in any of the original relieving chambers opened by Davison in 1765.   Vyse’s diary for that day described a thorough examination of the relieving rooms but no mention of the hieroglyphics and quarry marks.   The marks were mentioned only the next day, in the late afternoon, when Vyse returned with witnesses.

There are serious problems with the hieroglyphics used to make this identification in that they are a mixture of styles and syntax/usage from differing time periods of Egypt.    And finally, in the marks bearing Khufu’s name mistakes were made.   Those mistakes occur in the only two hieroglyphics that were used  and would only have been available to  Mr. Vyse at that time.”

Add to this the fact that there was at least one eyewitness to this forgery.   The questions one should ask is:  why was it done, and who benefited from it ?    The answers are simple enough and come out of human arrogance and ego.   Until 1837 no marking or hieroglyphs of any kind were ever discovered in any part of the great pyramid.    It is quite possible Mr. Vyse wanted to end the mystery and controversy surrounding the pyramid, and additionally he wanted to be known as the “Discoverer” of this evidence.   In fact he perjured himself and tainted the real evidence.

The Curators of modern Egypt (and the tourist bureau) have a stake in this matter to continue the lie because, once again, they obviously feel it is a matter of ego to claim to have built something that they could not do even today with modern equipment.   There are NO plans, no records at all, not even one small hieroglyph that have ever been found to show When or How or Why or by Whom the pyramid was built, and the equipment of 5,000 years ago (or longer) that  should have been used to create such a structure simply did not exist.   The theories postulated about the builder and the building of this pyramid are completely incorrect and never will be correct until humanity relearns  its own roots and admits to the reality of ancient visitors upon the Earth.

The great pyramid is only one of over 300 such pyramid structures found to exist on this planet, some are actually greater in size and structure then those at Giza.   There are pyramids all around the world, in virtually every country, and certainly on every continent.   China has them, Bosnia has a few, Bermuda, South America, Mexico, Africa and so on;   actually found on every continent.   In all probability most of the ancient pyramids were built by the same (alien) Beings sometime within the past 50,000 years.     Future history will reveal what present archeology already knows but will not openly admit… that most of the ancient structures were built and in place and in use before humanity.  And more structures are being discovered at different places in the world all the time, both on land and under the oceans.

I encourage you to engage in your own research project about this subject.    Just using the Internet will bring enormous results.

After you have researched a great amount of information pertaining to this Earth and its many ancient structures it will be time to move out into the solar system and beyond.    The next obvious step is the Moon, then on to Mars and the other local planets.  You might begin your research with the ancient records and knowledge of Sumer.   Today this region is known as Iraq and Iran.   The ancient civilization that once lived there is well beyond 13,000 years old.  In fact, it is now reasoned that there were other much older societies that once occupied this area and several other places in the world.  Archeologist’s have discovered cities in various states of ruin on every continent; high in the mountains, under the sands of great deserts and under the oceans.    The world of today is not the same world of the ancient times.   There have been many civilizations that have come and gone on this planet and we have discovered a vast treasury of  artifacts and records and physical evidence to convince us of their ancient presence.

There will always be disbelievers and doubters among humanity concerning aliens and ancient structures.   These are people who it seems  just cannot find the wisdom to understand that life is eternal and always has been.    Earth is a planet that is much older then science now has the ability to determine.   This misunderstanding extends to the human civilization. Eventually humanity will rediscover its own roots and its own (real) history.  Like the planet this race is older than anyone now imagines