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The Human Civilization

The Human Civilization

It does not take long for the average visitor to this world to see that something is very wrong with society and the civilization in general. In short, nothing fits. Here on this world we can see a combination of citizens who range in mental acuity from 4.0 all the way to 97.8, from the virtual moron to the genius.  There are people here who are almost as high as Angels and some who are lower then the beasts of the field.

There are givers and there are takers.  There are those who are intelligent to the point of amazing and there are people who are stupid to the point of disbelief.
Look at the cross section of humanity from the lowest to the highest and there is no real explanation for it.  Add to this mixture the salad of human kind itself, the many races that exist here; the many colors and cultures of humanity.

On this one planet we see an enormous variety of people who ought not be here.  This is not the civilization of a singular planet but rather it is a civilization of a planet of refugees.  And therein lies our greatest clue to why this variety exists.

If all of humanity developed at the same time on this world as it has been said, we must ask how it is possible for so many diverse cultures and societies to have developed with only one set of values and only one global environment?

There are more then 196 countries (nations) on planet Earth at this time.

The variety of cultures, knowledge and technology openly suggests many environments; areas of development and function where such diverse cultures could have come into existence, propagated and grown.

For example, the Japanese are totally different from the Tribes of North America or anywhere else in the world. And this may be said for every race and every culture and established society on this planet. Who is like the Hindu people or the Thai’s or the English or the African’s or the Tribes of the Middle East? Each culture is fully developed and has been established for thousands of years. History provides even more questions; who were the original Egyptians or the civilization of Sumer?

Using only the present and accepted knowledge there is no rational explanation for these diverse cultures to exist on this one planet unless we accept that these people came here from elsewhere, from other worlds, already fully developed.

In my research there is always a trail to the origin of everything. And the trail of human history on this planet is a very ancient one. If humanity does not recognize its ancient beginnings there will never be viable answers to its most basic and important questions; “who am I, what am I, where am I from and where am I going?”

Prior to the last extinction level event to strike the Earth, approximately 12,500 to 14,500 years ago there were several advanced cultures on the Earth and the many temples, pyramids, and megalithic structures, in addition to the various societies. These things are themselves part a the undeniable truth that exists all over the Earth.
The Earth environment was never totally destroyed and much of the stronger structures have survived the cataclysm. Additionally there were several races that were aware of the coming catastrophe and prepared for it.

The Hopi people of western America are one of these.  There are several underground places where the people survived such events. Underground cities exist everywhere on the earth. It’s not a new or unique idea. (The Apache and other Pueblo Indians, such as the Zuni’s and Hopi, have legends about their ancestors emerging from an underground world, generally after some cataclysmic event, as if a cycle in time, or another reboot in the programmed realities of the human experiment, and always linked to star gods, or star people who brought them here from outer space. Hopi Prophecy speaks of the return of the Blue Kachina (blue star), and Star People at the end of this cycle of time)

The underground city at Derinkuyu, Turkey also known as Cappadocia could accommodate up to 20,000 people. There are several more underground cities in the region and across the Earth including under the cities of Rome, Paris, London and New York.

There are secret cities in the Earth like the ancient city of Telos (said to exist under Mount Shasta in northern California)   And to add to an amazing list, there is an enormous amount of information about the Inner Earth, aka the Hollow Earth (the ultimate underground civilization), and lets not forget the ancient myths of underground places including Hades as written about in Greek Mythology.

Presently the United States government and 17 other nations have created underground cities, stocked with every item, and are ready now for such an extinction level event caused by nature or themselves.

Where did this human diversity begin?

Ancient Atlantis was more then a city it was a continent situated at the time in the great Pacific ocean occupying a space in the area near India and Japan in the northern part of the great Pacific basin.   It is possible the real Atlantis was the continent of Antarctic and evidence seems to strongly point in this direction.

In recent years humanity has learned about the fractured nature of the Earth planet.
Continental drift is no longer a theory and neither is Continental Displacement (where a continent can be dislodged and moved thousands of miles at one time). Although it is not a topic the public is invited into it is known to the sciences and there is a great amount of physical scientific evidence that all I have described (a Continental Displacement event) did in fact happen, and very recently in Earth history.
Interestingly enough the western Holy Bible refers to such events as the great flood (an extinction level event and the ending of the Garden of Eden). Altogether the history of this planet indicates several such events have taken place, perhaps every 500,000 years or sooner.

The continent of Antarctica was once a continent located in the northern pacific basin, near India. Scientists have done several computer studies on this subject and came to the conclusion that existing evidence indicates a Continental relocation.
Plus the shape of the Antarctic continent fits together in many areas of the northern pacific basin like a puzzle. If you study the marks on the land under the Pacific Ocean you can see the slide marks. Clearly something enormous has happened in that part of the Earth.

In the early part of the last century scientists once theorized that the Moon was created from an impact on the Earth specifically in the Pacific basin. A relocation of a continent would provide the same type of physical evidence.

But what were the people of Atlantis? Who were the people of Atlantis?

From my research and personal understanding it seems clear Atlantis was real, it did in fact exist and it was the center of a global colony of non-terrestrial (alien) Beings.

Consider that this colony was in touch with other alien civilizations and over the many centuries that Atlantis existed, it attracted many Beings to itself who come as visitors and to live.

Simply stated, when Atlantis fell, it was not a complete surprise to the inhabitants. Certainly many died in the event but also many had the ability and the means to escape, and they did.

It would be a normal thing to go in all directions away from the sinking or moving continent. The many people and diverse cultures of this world could easily be the descendants of those people who escaped Atlantis, and obviously those people brought their own culture and knowledge base with them.

The Egyptian civilization is a very clear example of these statements. We know from history that Egypt was a full and complete civilization at one time in the far distant past and has since become much less so down to this present moment where it has become almost a non-existent culture.

The present day experts on Egypt are almost completely ignorant of its history and totally ignorant of its artifacts and ancient technology. And there is no record in all of Egyptian history and writings that acknowledges the actual building of the Pyramids at Giza. In fact the evidence of these Pyramids is such that most of the lesser pyramids in Egypt were build after the great Pyramid was constructed.

This single fact is enormous in its implications. And add to this fact that the other megalithic structures in the world, thousands of them have no history of evolution. They simply appear as complete structures.

Whoever built them knew exactly what they were doing and how to do it..

Science the does not tell you this one fact because it is a key in the overall proof (evidence) of a complete and established off-world civilization residing on the Earth.
In truth there are many facts and reams of knowledge that the present day scientists and governments and churches find to be disruptive to this existing and controlled and limited human society. Not knowing the facts is one thing but deliberately not informing the people and withholding of this knowledge is quite another.

In my work with other researchers on these subjects it is clear to us that humanity is not what governments would have us think, and the history of the Earth and its people is not what the Church or governments teach… far from it.

The “Ancient Aliens” website is full of stories about the so-called mysteries on this Earth. What should be obvious to every reader is that none of these things, artifacts, buildings, structures, and ancient technologies are here by accident. Everything of this nature was placed here by deliberate intention, thought and effort.

The Great Pyramid and the thousands of others on this planet are not here by accident and certainly were not built by ignorant and primitive people with tools that could not possibly be used to create such structures.

When the so-called experts claim such nonsense it is just that nonsense, and has no basis in fact.

In other articles I have written about Atlantis the Civilization I have specifically included the many global structures that exist around the world. What is most obvious and most important about this type of evidence is that it was not built by completely dissociated people. In other words these structures are so identical in their materials, design and construction as to rule out any theory that people who did not know each other, across thousands of miles created these things. Scientists or experts who make such claims are only showing their complete ignorance of this subject, and in making such erroneous claims are misleading the people. There was in the ancient past a global civilization.   A society most likely composed of several alien races either as visitors to this planet or as new residents. These people colonized the world and used their own technology and science to do so.   Between that time and today we have seen a least one global extinction event take place.

There is proof positive that this planet Earth has been and is fractured to a very large degree. Continental shifting is taking place and Continental Displacement has taken place. History has shown us that the world is not the same today as it was in the ancient past.  Even the planets within this solar system are rearranged from their original orbits, and may have been rearranged several times.

What is presently known about the actual history of Earth is mostly speculative and theory and I believe the real facts are being withheld. As the sciences gain more tools for research they will also gain more knowledge and understanding about the past. As that technology is shared with the common people it will open the doors to knowledge that has been withheld.

Each event that has taken place on and too the Earth is recorded in the geologic record.  However it takes research and the right tools to see and read the record.

What we do clearly have is the structures that have survived and the many diverse cultures of people that exist on this World.   None of these things are here by accident and every one of them has its own story. What is necessary is to read the pages of history without prejudice of Church or governments or politics; to read the story without agenda to the outcome.   To learn, for the sake of learning.   The truth is here and the bottom line to humanity is to learn its roots and reasons for being.