Ancient Aliens We Have Always Been With You


Articles are those messages and information pieces I have written for public viewing. I have attempted to catalog each article into subjects that make it easy for the average reader to locate and recall an article.  Looking through the various articles and subjects you will find a great diversity of knowledge, mostly that which pertains to the distant past of this planet and including the obvious influence of Aliens who have visited this world or who actually occupied the Earth for a time.   The story of Atlantis is one such example of an Alien race that dwelt upon the Earth for a very long period of time…  more the 400,000 years… The race of Beings that comprised Atlantis occupied the Earth, taught the people that lived here, established cites and villages and realms, built great structures and in every way left a message of their undeniable presence here.  

I try to present facts and opinion different from the mainstream reporting.  I do not work for any government or agency or religious group which means, I have nothing to prove in the way of social, religious beliefs 0r limited governmental statements , propaganda or ideology.    I believe, by now, most intelligent people understand that the facts presented in the past by such organizations as I have refereed to are usually tainted and prejudiced, leaning toward conclusions they want you to believe that are simply untrue and misdirecting.  

Within this category is another titled:  “New Articles”.   I use this category to specifically note when I have published a New Article, and I will leave the article in this category for One Month… usually long enough for people to discover the article(s) and read them.    After this time I will put the articles into the category they belong or in to the “Articles” category.