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Changelings on the Earth

I want to preface this article letting you know this was a talk I gave on Coast 2 Coast Radio in February 2012.   In another article I will upload the actual audio tapes for this talk.

Changeling” (definition):

1) A child surreptitiously or intentionally substituted for another.

(Dictionary .com)

2) A child secretly exchanged for another (shortly after birth).

(Merriam Webster dictionary)

The old dictionaries define a Changeling simply as “One child left in the place of another.” 

Thousands of years ago when Earth Man (Human) was first created he was intended to be a slave to work in the mines and do the chores the parent race did not want to do but which needed to be done.
The “creation” story appears in several records in the ancient world, in ancient Sumer, in India and among many indigenous people across the globe.

The [western] Bible, in Genesis, refers to Man as being created.  The peculiar part of this biblical story is that God may not be “the God”  we all think of when we use this word, but rather is “a god”.  In the bible we find whoever this god is, he is talking to someone other then himself… he is not alone! “Let US create Man in OUR own image and likeness” are the exact words.  The question is: why the use of plural and not singular? This does not appear to be a mistake in writing because the monks that wrote the original Bible were very learned and certainly knew the difference between one and many…  just as you and I do.

In the ancient records of Sumer we find the exact story of the creation of Man, almost word for word as the version written into the Bible, however it was written  3,000 years or more before the Bible came into existence.

The question of how and when humans came into existence on Earth may be a mystery to modern man who refuses to acknowledge his own past history but it is not a mystery to those Beings who claim to have created Man in the first place. The information I refer to does exist and is available to anyone interested in reading a book.
Several researchers including Zechariah Sitchin, Erich Von Daniken and many others, including myself, have already done the “footwork” to the discovery of this information.

Before he died Zechariah Sitchin wrote and published one final book titled “The Lost book of Enki”.   The information contained in this book is taken directly from the ancient records of Sumer, and tells the story of the creation of Man from the Beings most responsible for creating Man, and why.

Also, within this book you can find clues to the “Intervention” by higher Beings forbidding the new creation (Human) to be completely destroyed at any point in history.

It is to this “Intervention” that I specifically point too when I address the issue of “Changelings”… in so many words, it is the direct intervention of these higher Beings that caused and ultimately created the changeling program, how it works and why.

In the creation story two brothers (Enki and Enlil) had been sent to the Earth to procure certain materials needed by their world to insure its existence.  One brother  was a scientist (Enki) the other (Enlil) an administrator.   Eventually we find these two ruling over the Earth.   Initially both brothers agree that a “work force” needed to be created or assembled, however there were no Beings on Earth like themselves who could think, speak and act on their own.  Enki (the scientist) determined that a new Being could be created using the DNA from his own race and the DNA from a certain native Earth creature (not an ape).

As the story goes the new creature (Human) was created.  The new creature was named; “Adamu” (meaning, the first).  The Male was created first because it was believed this creature was strong and trainable and would be all that was necessary for a workforce.   Indeed this new creature was everything Enki had hoped for, but after a time, as most creatures evolve on this Earth a Female (mate) was desired by the male.   Adamu had been taught to speak the language of the creator and was capable of cogent and reasonable thought.  He expressed his desire to the creator stating that all of the other creatures had a mate but not him…

Genetically speaking, the fourth rib on the left side of the human body contains the richest DNA field and a clone can be created from material taken from this rib.   Adamu (the male) did not lose a rib, but Marrow (DNA) was taken from his rib and used to create the Female creature.    It is not specifically written in the Bible but is indicated the original Male and Female creatures were kept in relative comfort and used [genetically] to generate other creatures of their kind and likeness.

At first the creatures were “Sterile” and could not generate offspring.   After a time the ability to reproduce was given to the new creatures.

The new Humanity grew and multiplied just as the story tells us.  Soon there were villages and cities scattered around the Earth.

Over time more Royal members arrived from the home world and soon they were 12 in number. The attitude about Earth went from simple gathering of materials to full colonization and Rularship over a new world.   To this end the Earth was divided among the 12 ruling members and each given an area or region and a segment of the population.  Each region was assigned certain duties and had a member “god” ruling over it.  Structures were built in each region, Temples, even cities that reflected the whims and desires of the gods and the nature of the assigned duties.

As I have noted in my articles “Atlantis Revisited” (Parts one, two and three) the sky (heaven) above Earth, in space, the planets themselves were in very different places then we see them today.

The gods certainly knew these facts and at some point in time, it was determined that certain celestial events were about to take place in space above the Earth and upon the Earth itself.

At an appointed time, the 12 member gods and their chosen families moved off the planet and chose to remain in space or return to the home world.    On Earth, an argument ensued between the two ruling brothers.   Enlil the Administrator had never actually agreed to the creation of the new creatures but accepted the decision to create them because of the need for workers.  Now it was known that a global cataclysm was about to take place and Enlil saw this as an opportunity to destroy the new creatures and return home.

Simply stated, Enki who had created the new creature (human) was in favor of saving the entire population from the coming global destruction.

As the brothers argued, it is written that a very high Being appeared and proclaimed that all of Humanity could not and would not be destroyed…  this was against Higher Law and would not be allowed.    A percentage of humanity would be preserved and two of each creature of the Earth would be preserved.  tis included every biologic species on the Earth at that time. 

Enki devised a plan whereby the DNA of virtually every animal on the planet, male and female could and would be saved and preserved until a time after the coming extinction event.   Certain human families, one family from each of the 12 regions would also be preserved, and a vessel (great ship) was designed and created…  one that would survive the coming event.

A pilot was assigned to the great vessel, to guide the vassal and complete its mission.

Today we know this story as the Great Flood and from the bible, as the story of Noah.

One of the subjects the higher Being spoke about was to the upliftment; evolution and education of the new human creature.  Furthermore, The creators” would be responsible for Earth’s humanity until such a time as humanity could demonstrate the ability to survive from its own means and to live peacefully among its parts.

The task of raising, evolving and educating the human race is not unlike raising any child.   Lessons are given and results are determined.  When something fails or produces incorrect results new lessons are introduced and in humanity’s case new DNA can be introduced by “Seeding” the race.  It is a form of artificial evolution that works.

The  “Changeling” process has been used since those ancient times.

There are a series of natural questions that come from the Changeling Project among these are:

1) What is the purpose of the Changeling Program?

2) Where do such exchanges of children take place in our modern world?

3)     How often does this type of thing occur on Earth?

4)     What are some of the traits of Changelings?

5)     What are the effects of such an exchange on the child that is taken?

6)     Are the children that are taken treated well?

7)     Do the taken children know they were taken – are they ever told?

8)     Does the taken children have an opportunity to return to Earth?

9)     Is this program specific to Earth only or has it been used elsewhere?

10)   How long has this program been ongoing?

11)   How many Changelings are on Earth at this time?

12)  How many ET’s presently live on Earth?

Lets address these questions in the order they are shown.

* What is the purpose of the Changeling project?

There are 3 main goals within the project.:

1)  To evolve the overall consciousness of Earth’s human species. 

2) To evolve the genetic signature of the human species.

3) To improve through education the areas of information and technology.

The greater part of Earth’s humanity does not yet realize or understand that “Consciousness” is the engine that drives the universe.   In this seemingly material world the bulk of people identify with the lesser forces of life and not the greater forces.  The body is the lesser force while the Spirit, soul or consciousness is by far the greater force.   The people are not taught how life works, how all that is desired comes about, or the results of correct and incorrect thinking.

From our (ET) vantage point we wonder at the level of the people who do not seem able to “connect the dots” of cause and effect.

In short, Consciousness can be taught to some degree and “Given by higher Beings” to some degree.  Because the Far East in general; India, China, Japan and Tibet (and all such places) are older areas of the population and have retained much the same level of ancient knowledge in their culture there remains specific teachings and methods to increase the level of Consciousness within individuals…  methods that work.

Western man has very little of this knowledge but is regaining some ground through the new Children and renewed spiritual interests of meditation, chants and prayer and even Quantum science.

One of our specific goals is to help humanity achieve Telepathic Communication on a global level.  You might be able to imagine how the physical world of politics, banking, investment, wars, crimes of every type, the need for weapons etc. would change almost overnight if all mankind suddenly had the ability to read thoughts and “Hear” what the neighbors really think…  Are you ready for this?

Of course I am only covering the subject of Consciousness, in brief, but I believe you get the idea.

* Where do such exchanges of children take place in our modern world?

In the olden times, in the old world, exchanges were often made in the night while the family was asleep.  A child would be exchanged and in the morning the family would discover the new addition…  the exchange was not always successful because some folks were alarmed at the exchange and would kill the new child.

For the most part the new child was accepted as a gift from some unseen force or realm of Beings (Fairie’s, gnomes, elf’s etc).

There are many success stories in history and while I will not mention actual names I think you will understand who these people are when I describe some of the traits of Changelings at a later moment.

In recent or modern times many (Changeling children) have been exchanged in orphanages.   This was especially true of orphanages that came into existence during the last two world wars.

* How often does this type of thing occur on Earth?

With the influx of greater numbers in the population it became necessary to increase the numbers of Changelings, this was to balance the human race.  From our perspective humanity has reached a place of critical mass in which certain decisions must be made concerning the overall direction and purpose of this civilization.  The governments seem to be interested only in controlling the masses, and they definitely have their own agendas which are very elemental in their nature and intent:  basically it’s the same old paradigm of “do as you are told, pay your taxes and die”.

I am certain you have noticed an increase in the agitation and dissatisfaction of the human race on a planetary scale.   Just look around the world and tell me what you see, what’s going on and why.

We recognized this incoming energy a long time ago…  it is a change in the overall level of consciousness of the human Being that is affecting the mental and emotional processes of nearly every human on the planet, and the frequency of the Earth is also changing.

Ask yourself, what lies ahead for humanity if nothing changes in this world?

To our way of thinking, Mankind has created several enemies within his world and I don’t mean just the neighbors… the enemies are his “systems of living”, which are really control and  “doing Business in the world”.  The enemies of Man are at least three fold and while you may get upset if I tell you what they are, they are still the enemies of Man and must change or end if mankind is going to survive and prosper in the future.

Basically the three enemies are:  Governments and military’s in there present forms, which in our eyes do not represent or serve the people of the nations or the world.   Capitalism and world economies that are presently in complete disarray and out of balance within the whole society…   and religions that promote havoc and separation and preach teach a philosophy of guilt,  fear and death.

I have been asked many times why the ET’s do not intervene in the affairs of human society?  And my answer is, “what would that do for humanity?  If I know the answers and you do not, how will you ever know unless you make the mistakes and reap the rewards (results) of your own decisions?”   We are allowed to “influence” and in some cases (individual) we are allowed to openly guide.  

In so many ways humanity has been and still is being guided, but we are not “enablers”… we will not do your work…  if you want this planet to live and succeed, make it happen…  look at the problems and their cause and change the things that need to be changed.  

I am not the only one telling humanity to change.  There are many voices in the world stating the same thing…  Humanity has nearly reached the end of the old road.  Almost everyone on this planet knows the end is near and there is chaos…  but the global situation is calling for unity.

I could tell you in one hour how to change every facet of this world but most of you would not listen and most of you will not see what I say as valid.  For as many people as will ask for help there are as many who would insist we are interfering in the affairs of humanity.

We are willing to help humanity to grow up, and become something valuable and even wonderful… humanity has the potential for greatness but it must overcome its animal (and warlike) instincts.   Recall the Three enemies I   described above… I termed them to be the enemies of humanity and they are… the worst of these is the Military… its agenda is evil and deceptive and the mind that creates this agenda is equally evil.   Rid your planet of this factor and you will finally have the peace and prosperity you have dreamed of.

* How often does the Changeling exchange happen?

The actual exchange is happening less in these years then in years past.   I believe we have reached a point where we have enough Beings present to effect the level of Consciousness of Humanity.  Sometimes more is too many….  There is a balance to be achieved and maintained.  Beyond this point of balance it begins to appear the ET’s are doing the work of humanity.  We have the right to influence in many ways and in many areas but we do not have the right or the desire to do the work humanity should be doing.

* What are some of the traits of Changelings?

When I thought about answering this question I considered how I would answer it because it is what humans call a “loaded” question.   I can give you names but I would rather give you some of the general traits by which you could know a Changeling in the society.

Think of the fact that a Changeling is Unlike the people around it…  however, one of the first jobs of the changeling is to “fit in”…  “Fitting in” does not mean being exactly like those you emulate…only like them as a shadow is like the thing that makes it.     I look like the humans around me and I have learned to act like them in words and actions… but I am nothing like a “normal” human in thought, or desire or understanding or education.  

Putting a child into the general society seems like a really good idea believing it will grow up as one of them…  Most of the time this plan works and the only real noticeable difference comes later in the life of the changeling when it begins to pursue its own path.  Most of us pursue higher education; music, art, science, technology and space exploration.  We seem to have an instinct for these areas of knowledge.

The point and purpose of our life here is to do well, to inspire and uplift humanity if possible.  We are also healers but not necessarily doctors, although I have found a few in that field but mostly in human contact like chiropractics…  and now and then a priest will emerge.

Changelings come here with different levels of memory and abilities open and available to them according to their purpose.  It is also fair to say some changeling’s have quite a bit of authority.    I have learned from my teachers that according to the intended purpose of the Changeling it will inherit degrees of alien DNA…  the numbers 27, 54, and 78 are representative of the degrees I refer to.    The higher percentage numbers rarely occur on this world but once in a while it is necessary to bring in such a Being.   There is one other number you should be aware of… it is 100% and it refers to a complete Being… it is the Being humanity will become in time.  There have been a few examples of this level of Being on the Earth…  they are the great Masters and Teachers in history.

I am personally aware that there are 6 other Beings on this planet like myself, but altogether, in general, there are many millions of changeling’s here.

Many of the governments secretly know ET’s live among the population of humanity…  The movies “Men in Black” are a spoof of the ET’s among humanity concept.   Hollywood often tells the public secret information in story form.

Now of course not every genius is a changeling or ET…  that notion is ridiculous to say the least, but many genius types are planted on Earth and if you begin talking to these folks both child and adult you will notice certain attitudes they have in common… for example, they like what they do and do it well but have no real connection to the society or to people.   Many such types have no desire to be a part of humanity and actually feel quite distant from the human race.

I think you can pick out the extraordinary Beings that have appeared from time to time in human history…  Beings unlike the normal people they associate with…

Jesus, Moses, and other great names in the old Bible are classic examples of a Being’s unlike their neighbors and friends and when we consider the stories about their birth and other elements in their lives.   

My point is, there are many Beings, not exactly human, living among the human population.   Just because everyone looks human and acts like a human and knows the human ways does not mean we are all human.

(The next 4 questions can be answered altogether):

* What are the effects of such an exchange on the child that is taken?

* Are the children that are taken treated well?

* Do the taken children know they were taken – are they ever told? 

* Do those [taken] children have an opportunity to return to Earth? 

I can assure you the child that is taken (in the exchange) is given a life, education and opportunities he/she would never have on Earth.

I know that most of humanity is not aware of “Spiritual Contracts” but they do exist.   There is a Hierarchy of higher Beings and higher laws that pervade the entire universe and most things done away from the environment of Earth come under the aspects and conditions of Higher Law.  The contracts I refer too are in place and honored by every higher Being.  The welfare of all life is the ultimate concern of all intelligent Beings.

We take seriously our duties to preserve life and enhance life and evolve life.

The  taken children are treated with the utmost love and caring.  We do not attempt to discourage the child from knowing its origin.  When the child reaches an age of comprehension, which is different with all children and all cultures, we will give that child the opportunity to learn about the civilization it was taken from and why.   In time if a child wishes to return to Earth either for a visit or permanently we will arrange for that event and take the proper steps to educate the child to meet the needs of his/her demand.

It is essential to remember that this program is both physical and spiritual in its scope.   And I am sorry to say that Earth’s humanity for the most part is not aware of the Spiritual realm.   This was not always the case and it will not always be the case but on Earth right now it is a fact, and this one fact makes it extremely difficult to explain much of what is being done and why.   Simply stated, at this moment, the greater part of Earth humanity (with the exception of the indigenous people and certain Eastern Sects and cultures) has very little spiritual knowledge and therefore very little knowledge from which to draw intelligent conclusions…

These facts, as I have expressed them here are the main reason we have to work in secret to evolve humanity… if we tried to work openly there would be enormous resistance to us… the governments would want to be in control, the uninformed people would always be alarmed and up in arms, people would try to convince themselves we are taking over the planet and in all reality very little would happen or could happen…

We are not here to invade of take over the planet… If that had ever been our desire or intent it would already have happened.   This same note is true of all the ET races that have visited Earth in the past and presently.  No one wants to take over the Earth

* Is this program specific to Earth or has it been used elsewhere?

The movie “Contact” was very informative if you listened.  The entire movie was centered around a machine that is given to the people of  Earth for the purpose of creating one small but very important step, a meeting between someone from Earth and an ET.   The meeting takes place in a distant star system between “Elle” (the human) and an ET that resembles her father…  The ET explains that he took the form of her father because his people thought this would make it easier and more comfortable for her.

In the brief dialog that transpires the alien says some important things including the fact they (his race) did not invent the machine that was used to create the meeting.   That in essence this meeting was the first of its kind, and when humanity was ready for the next meeting it would be informed.

When Elle asks for something more, the alien explains, “This is how it has been done for millions of years….  Small steps… small steps!

We know (my race knows) that this is a “Hand me down universe”.  Nothing man has created is actually new in the universe.   It may be new to humanity but it is not new, as in, never before seen or invented.

The greater part of technology and information has been “given” to humanity in one form or another and in one way or another.

This government knows it did not invent more than half of the electronic technology in use today on Earth!  Before 1947 no one on this planet had ever heard of or knew what a “Transistor” is…  The government may find it difficult to admit to exchanging information for DNA sampling with a certain ET group but we are very aware of that exchange and contract.

Bottom line to this conversation (this article) is this:  We want humanity to succeed.  That is and has been our purpose here.  We are fulfilling a promise made long ago.  Our singular purpose is to see humanity rise and become a great universal presence.

The potential for this greatness is here, present and waiting to be recognized and brought forth.  It is not about ego or grandeur or technology or superiority.

It is about life.