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Higher Resources

This entire category is dedicated to personal achievement in all fields of life.

The programs and applications I present here are meant in every way to help us achieve our personal goals in Self improvement, Financial gain, Health and well Being or simply making a statement.

Over the past 100+ years science has taken new steps to understand the true nature of our reality and the universe we live in and are a part of.

Much of the new science of Quantum physics is based on ancient knowledge and wisdom and proven through innumerable tests and experiments.

The knowledge is not new, only our understanding of it and the application of it in our daily lives.

The knowledge is both biblical and scientific and however strange or unfamiliar you may find it to be it works.

I have written several articles you can find in this website. Some may seem very biblical in their nature while others may seem very scientific. In the ancient mystery schools both principles (religion ans science) were taught and each was shown to prove the other.

Divine law and science were always meant to corroborate each other… and today we begin once again to see this happening, and all of it to our benefit.

Yes there is a commercial side to all of this but that is part of our present society and the presentation of discovered materials and principles.

What is most important is how this material, this knowledge can and does help us to achieve our dreams and goals. We pay for our knowledge or we pay for our ignorance… the choice is ours.

If you purchase any of the programs presented here I will make a small profit from it and I hope you will understand this. My purpose is to present the knowledge and I hope you will find it valuable and useful in all areas of your life.

Please also notice that I do present FREE books for you either through a direct PDF download or through an active link where you can download the books at no cost.

Thank you for visiting this website.