Ancient Aliens We Have Always Been With You

The Truth will set you Free

I have a question to ask you,

but before I ask it I want to preface it with some information.

During the past 100 years science has taken on a very new outlook that is based on observation, experiment and ancient knowledge. From this has come a new science now referred to as “Quantum science” and most specifically as Quantum Physics. Within this knowledge base we see that information is surfacing about the actual construct of the universe; what it is, how it works and how we as living Beings interface with it.

The Universe is no longer considered an empty space void of life and energy… in fact the exact opposite is true of it and this fact is being proven on a daily basis through experiments and new technology. In addition to all of this it is now known that the ancient records and teachings about the universe are proving to be accurate in a very astounding way.

From all accounts it appears the ancient people knew more about the universe and its construct then we do today. There were teachers, sometimes known as Masters who taught the people how the universe worked and how it works for them. Quantum science is proving that the ancient knowledge is more accurate and shows us truer picture of the universe.

There has always been God but our version of God gained through the modern bible is a very different version of God then was taught by the ancients. For example, it was taught in the ancient mystery schools that God is omnipresent and omnipotent (everywhere at all time and able to do everything without limit).

It was also taught that Man (humans) can and does willingly interact with God on a very real and very personal level, and by doing so, and following specific laws (or rules) of inner conduct can bring about any life situation that person chooses… literally you can be what ever you want to be, do what ever you want to do and have what ever you want to have..

Of course this information was not given to you as it should have been. We know today that in the year 325 AD at the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea more then 50 important books were extracted and hidden and the information that was left in the new bible was highly edited for content. We know this to be true because during the past 75 years we have rediscovered the missing books and they can be read in several places around the world, and on line if you have Internet service.

The information in these ancient texts and records is nothing short of astounding and incredible because the picture this information paints about humanity and God is truly amazing and will eventually turn the entire society in a direction closer to its origins and back to sanity.

Humans are far more capable and remarkable then the present governments and churches want you to know. The truth is “We don’t need them, they need us to survive.”

I predict their time is coming to an end and their influence is ebbing into extinction.

Yes there will always be a church and government but these things will not exist in the form they presently hold.

I have always believed in the presence of man in a far more divine and powerful path then the one he walks on today.

In the ancient texts and teachings (these still exist today) along with those rediscovered I can see a new and wonderful version of humanity emerging from the present  Age of Darkness, like the Phoenix out of the ashes.

It was predicted long ago that humanity would endure 1,000 years of darkness and reemerge as a new species, with new thought, a new Earth and a new heaven…. that moment is upon us.

The old paradigm that has enslaved the human race is coming to its end. The new age of Light approaches us quickly and certainly.

The ancient teachers and texts told us about our divinity and about our personal and real interrelationship with God.  We see such statements as “Know Thyself” and “Be still and know that I AM God”.   The great teacher (a man we call Jesus) said many times, “Of myself I can do nothing, it is the Father within that doeth the works.” and he continued by saying, “All these things I do so shall you do and even greater things”. These words are but examples of the knowledge and information that exists for us, and what it says points the way to real and lasting freedom to do, to have and to be anything our true heart desires.

When God made man, he did so in His own image and likeness… you were told this.

This means He used himself as the model, as the pattern that Man (The race) would be made in.  What ever God is, YOU are, and it cannot be other wise.   There is no other pattern and the creator told us He created us in His own image and with His own ability’s (His Likenesses)… His image is the body you wear and His likeness is the power you hold within you.   Every teacher of humanity has said this from the first moment of human existence.

Now I come to the original question I want to ask you.

If you knew you are God, with all the powers and greatness of Him who made you, what would you do with it?” How would this knowledge change your life and change the life of the people and the civilization around you?

You do have the power to manifest any life you choose,and in fact you are doing this right now either consciously or unconsciously…

You are what you believe about yourself… you have the things you believe you can have, and you do the things you believe you are allowed to do.   In truth there is only one voice that speaks in your life and it is your voice.   It is you alone who decides what is good for you or what is not… you may be influenced by outside sources but it is till only you that decides what takes place, what exists in your life and how it will come to you.

Do you know that you are God, that you are everything God made you to be from His own Being, His own self…  You are nothing else and nothing less.

Think about this and ask within yourself to know the truth.. (“Know the truth and the truth will set you free”).