Ancient Aliens We Have Always Been With You

Life Coach

We were taught incorrectly

After years of study I have come to certain observations and conclusions about our navigation process through this life.

Even though the people in my life meant well and did what they knew, their efforts and knowledge was not always correct, in fact much of what we are taught about this world, what it is, how it works, how to live successfully is wrong, and the mistakes are repeated over and over from parents, friends, neighbors, schools, church and so on.

It begins at the moment we come into this world with and through our parents. As children we model our parents, we do as they do, and learn to think and act as they do, thus they pass along the good and bad , the inspiration and the mistakes, their wisdom and their faults. Children always want to be just like their parents when they grow up. “I want to be just like you.”

This is both beautiful and horrible because children are so open and so malleable and have no discernment or defense until much later in their life.

I knew as a young man I was being taught incorrectly but I had no alternative but to continue along the path. Only later in my life did I begin to realize the damage that was done and what it was going to take to correct it.

For example, many children grow up with abusive parents.. the words spoken to them are very often mean, emotionally debasing and cruel… and come from the parents own hurt and misunderstanding or from their own childhood in which they were abused.

It is a fact that people who mistreat others, who are cruel and outright mean were most probably treated in the same manner as children. This was the model they were exposed too and they pass it on.

I often told myself that it takes 16 years to raise the child and another 60 years or so to retrain that same child to become a useful and effective person in life.

The process of change only begins if the child knows that they must change their knowledge base if they are ever going to succeed. Obviously the earlier the better but in so many cases the process of change does not begin until much later in life, when through many trials and failures that person knows they must change their personal understanding and application.

Books, movies, teachers who have the knowledge are required to make effective and lasting change. We want to do it alone, we may even believe we can do it alone, and to some degree we will succeed, but there are places and moments when we cannot go forward without help.

I found this to be true in my own search for clarity, understanding and the path to success in my personal life.

As I write this article I see the word “Redemption” coming into my mind. This word is often used in a biblical sense but it has another meaning that is useful here. Consider this dictionary definition: noun. An act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed. deliverance; rescue.”

As a Life Coach I hear the same message coming from so many people. Many times I have interacted with people who feel lost or abandoned in their life or just confused as to their direction.

I have discovered that we all know, deep within ourselves, what our true direction in life is, but somewhere it all got buried and put aside in favor of living the life we were told we should live. Does this sound familiar?

Sometime around the middle of our life we rethink our path and look again at what it is we came here for. There is a saying that exemplifies what I mean here:

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

This means we die to our hopes and dreams and aspirations. As a child I recall thinking that one of the man reasons we die is when we feel we have nothing left to live for. So sad.

This to me is the greatest cruelty we face in our life.… but it can be changed.

We have within us the power to change everything in our life, if we have the earnest desire to do so and if we are willing to learn new ways and methods to accomplish our wishes, hopes and desires.

Today with so much information and technology available to us it is entirely possible and feasible to change our life stream in a direction we want.

There is available to us both scientific and biblical help, both ancient and modern information and wisdom and teachers and methods that we can apply alone or with the aide of someone we trust who has the knowledge and ability to help us.

In my practice to help myself and others I use both Quantum science and ancient spiritual laws. Combining these two things brings remarkable results, and when we see that we are getting actual results, especially those we want it empowers us to go further and seek even more from our self.

We really do have the answers we seek in every field of our interest.

What you seek is seeking you.”

This quote by Rumi “what you seek is seeking you” is a complex idea and it can be understood in many ways depending on your perspective. But one thing that is common in all is a reminder that the things we desire are not that difficult to be achieved if only we are willing to change ourselves.