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Life Coaching

Many people ask me about Life Coaching and of course it is a business that I love and I do it well. My interest is and has been since I was a boy to help people find their own path in life and to live the dreams and desires they came to accomplish.

Life Coaching is not a new idea or area of interest in our society. It has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. People go back to school, or seek out teachers to help them find answers.

The good news is that today more then any other time in recorded history we have many tools and libraries of knowledge available to us in our personal search for accomplishment, success and enlightenment.

Today we have the aide of Spiritual laws and principles although they are ancient they apply to this present time. We also have the modern tools of science and Quantum physics to aide in our endeavors.

We know from both the ancient teachings and modern science that the universe is not the fixed and immutable place we once thought it was… in fact it is anything but a fixed reality. We know today the universe is energy and nothing else.. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed in form.

This is knowledge that is useful to us in every way.

We also know from extensive studies and innumerable experiments that the Human Consciousness can and does effect matter (Matter is nothing more then energy in a form).

The ancient teachings tell us that “As you believe, so shall it be.”

What we believe becomes our reality… Change your beliefs and the world will change accordingly for you. And this fact has been proven over and over and over through the centuries. Many people once they learn the process and apply the principles have changed their lives completely… In some cases it appears that miracles are at work. People have gone from rags to riches in a short time. People have healed themselves when all was lost. People have literally changed their lives to become more of what they wanted and hoped for, and all in a very short time.

The truth is, Nothing is impossible unless you believe it is. Everything you seek is seeking you…

There are many books on this subject that will help you to realize your dreams.. “Think and grow Rich” by James Allen.. “The Science of Getting Rich”, by Wallace Wattles… just to name two books, and if you look on the internet you can get them in PDF format Free.

There are many teachers and Life Coaches available that can help.

One thing is certain, We need each other if we are going to succeed. No one does it alone.

In this website under the category of “Higher Resources” I have listed many programs that are available to you… Yes some are commercial in nature,,, such is the nature of our society… but they are good programs that can and do work in the way you are told they will.

I am a Life Coach(certified) and it is my business to help people reach for higher realms and dreams. I employ a combination of Modern Quantum science and Ancient Spiritual principles… The science shows us that these principles work and the ancient principles are the direct information telling us how it works and how to use it.

If you want me to work with you just use the “Contact Me” area of this website.

I can work with you by phone, by email, in person and as a group.

Contact me for further details.

One last thought for you. I do publish articles on this website that openly address the areas and issues of creative thought and manifestation. These articles should give you some ideas about how things come to you, why they do or do not and how you can apply the principles to your personal life.

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